Why the Red Cross Needs Our Help

Saving lives in new ways

In April 2020, the Red Cross took on a new role and began collecting and distributing plasma from people fully
recovered from COVID-19. This antibody-rich convalescent plasma may help patients battling the deadly virus.
Under the leadership of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, we’ve distributed over 125,000 convalescent
plasma products.

Since June 2020, we’ve been testing all blood donations—more than 2.3 million units and counting—for
COVID-19 antibodies. Among other benefits, this testing helps identify individuals who may qualify to be
convalescent plasma donors and antibody-positive units to be processed into lifesaving plasma.

Notably, the Red Cross continues to meet the constant need for blood—distributing more than 6.3 million
blood products—an irreplaceable part of our nation’s healthcare system.4

Where your dollars go

Every hour, we help over 1,200 people facing emergencies.

Volunteers comprise about 90% of our workforce

On average, 90 cents of every dollar we spend is invested in helping others.

Stand with Us and Save Lives

We can’t stop crises, but we can make sure people never face them alone. To explore the lifesaving impact you
can make through the American Red Cross, please contact your Red Cross representative or visit redcross.org.